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Part 491: 1371: The Horse Spawn Appear

Fun fact: It's possible for the kings to tell you to go ride a bike if you try to establish a town ring. If this happens, your town falls apart, and a few years later someone else suddenly becomes king. Ha ha, if you wanted to win the game you should have shown more love to the RNG.

At least you get a consolation prize of being the most important clan in the new kingdom.

This is the main reason I am compulsively running Umathkar through, "Strengthen the Quester" events.

Well, it's fire season. Time to go push some nerds into some toilets.

That'll teach them to... huh. Still don't really remember why we're dumping on these guys. For the cows, probably.

Priestesses of Chalana Arroy show up and ask for a dozen cows in return for some long-forgotten service they performed us. I pay up, because if you aren't nice to followers of the goddess of mercy and kindness, who will you be nice to?

Horse-Spawn come to Garstaligrad and surround its walls. They haven't attacked the town yet, but from their postures, it is clear that they might do so at any time.

Abandon the town to the Horse-Spawn.

Attack the Horse-Spawn.

Offer them tribute if they leave the town unmolested.

Offer marriage between Umathkar and the Horse-Spawn King.

Tell them that the town is part of a great destiny.

Tell them they will be destroyed if they attack.

Saraska was a fool who tried to make a kingdom by threatening war. we have found another way.

If we retreat or give tribute to the cruel Horse-Spawn, our allies will lose respect for us.

Making peace with our long-standing enemies would seal our place in the sagas.

Although the Horse-Spawn are among our most fearsome foes, I may be able to bluff them into withdrawing.

These Horse-Spawn seem to speak our language much better than they used to. Either they learn quickly, or we are dealing with higher-ranking folk than we ever have before.

We cannot let the town be destroyed; it is too important to trade!

Unless we abandon the town right away, their fiery, hopping-horse magics will destroy us all!