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Part 361: 1357: Talkin' bout Broyan

Like having a favor, this will let us call on the Praxians as an ally in a battle, once. Just like we can call on the wind spirits, I suspect I'll never get around to actually using their assistance.

Dark season! Nothing to do but stay home and pray to the gods.

Battle Luck slightly boosts combat performance. I might just expand the temple for this.

Rostakos, a thane of the Blue Spruce clan, comes to ask you for information about Broyan, chief of the Wolf clan. "We intend to enter into negotiations with Broyan, and hope that you know something about his personality, so that we will be well prepared for our parley with the Wolves. You owe us a favor, and we will consider your obligation discharged if you give us good information."

"Broyan? We know him well."

"Let us give you a gift, instead of information."

"We don't know anything about Broyan."

"We'll try to answer your questions, but do not guarantee that our answers are right."

"What do you take us for? A pack of tattle-tales?"

Rostakos's clan grows impatient with us, but we must not hurry. We can afford to do what's in our own best interest.

Better to give Rostakos a gift than information we are not sure of.

Answer his questions--it is good to give him words instead of cows.

Broyan speaks with blunt honesty, and is quick to spot deceit.

Broyan is very pious, and rich in the love of the gods.

Just tell him what we think of him, as if we were speaking about Broyan.