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Part 255: 1350: Wolf Alliance Negotiations

Man, that Amulet of Consolation we just got, which improves intra-tribal relations? That thing really works wonders!

Plus, it turns out we're shockingly amazing even without the earth shakers. I guess I should be using the "Maneuver" choice more often, I had forgotten how amazing it is on the defense with a skilled military leader.

MORE Horses? You know what THAT means!

It means we'll try to make more allies without spending horses, because we've got more goods than I have a clear idea what to do with!

Your emissary, Korstardos, approaches the Wolves, seeking to negotiate an alliance with them. First, he presents the gifts we sent. The Wolves extravagantly praise our gifts. They toast Korstardos in their feasting hall many times.

Once the gift-giving is over, how does he approach the Wolves for an alliance?

"It would be generous of you to help us in our time of need."

"Together, we can overcome our foes. We will be celebrated by great poets."

"We are both blessed by the gods, and our alliance would please them further."

"You need food, and we need warriors to protect us."

"You will profit greatly from an alliance.

We are wealthier than they, and should therefore argue with cows and sheaves of wheat.