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Part 161: Umathkar the Champion

Yeah, my computer's been sitting on a lot lately.

Who the hell is that?

Umathkar returns to the land of mortals, her quest a successful one. From that day onward, everyone said that Umathkar was stronger, wiser, and closer to the gods.

To be honest, I was hoping for a little more... you know. Oomph. I guess she qualifies for a seat on the ring now, if one opens up.

I've rebuilt the shrine to Maran Gor, mother of earthquakes and dinosaurs, for the amazing Earthblood blessing.

Then I decided to try it out, by conjuring up some trolls to water our fields with.

It went well enough, I suppose. I'm a little annoyed that our ancestors didn't reward us with magic for killing our ancestral enemies.

Come the storm season, I sent Garstal and a small group of our men to explore our tula some more.

Derik, a young boy of your clan, is the only member of his family to return from a visit to his mother's kinfolk among the Anzarni. On their return, they were attacked by Sable Riders, nomads from the eastern desert of Prax. They mercilessly slew everyone, and would have killed Derik if he hadn't played dead. Derik swears that, when he grwos up, he will avenge himself on the evil nomads of Prax.

Comfort Derik.

Compose a poem in honor of the slain.

Conduct a divination.

Sacrifice to the gods for protection from the Praxians.

Send a war party to kill Sable Riders.

Send Angorri and six weaponthanes to kill Sable Riders.

Vengeance brings nothing but more vengeance.

It is a good time to conduct a divination.

Derik will achieve his vengeance, and become a great hero in doing so.