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Part 162: 1340: The Prophet Returns

I suppose the real shame of the thread moving this past is hardly anyone saw the metal album I linked instead of the actual legends a few updates back.

As for complaining about people talking about events that happened to them, that happens so often I'd go hoarse. I'd like it if people didn't go on about the endgame too much.

Uh, jeez ancestors, did you forget the spoiler tags?

Ooooooh, those wretches had the lowest tribute of all of my vassals, and they decide they don't have to pay any more?


Unfortunately, we don't want to raid a faraway clan too much because of the difficulty in reaching them.

Everyone thinks of him as weak just because he'd rather talk than fight, but Korstardos is every bit the equal of his chief.

I don't know why they thought they could stop paying tribute, but it was clearly a poor decision.

The renowned prophet, Einarth Milk-Eyes, wanders onto the tula and into the clan hall. "I see before me a clan, a clan that will take its tribe on a journey. First, this clan must become head of the tribe. Then, the path will be cleared by homage to Orlanth, treading the steps he has taken before. The clan will not travel alone, but in the company of six other gods. Before the path reaches its end, the wayfarers must visit the god-plane for each of the deities that go with them. I cannot make out what is at the destination, but it is something new. Ah, I see glory, if these clan halls contain sufficient resolve and courage."

Honor Einarth with gifts.

Throw a feast to celebrate.

Thank Einarth for bringing us his prophecy.

Embark on the "Orlanth and Aroka" heroquest right away.

Ask him for more details of his vision.

Resolve we have; courage we have; the blessings of the gods we do not have.

Vengeance brings nothing but more vengeance.

We should rejoyce at this good news, because it means we have a glorious future.

We should honor Einarth for making this journey to us.