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Part 483: 1370: The Black Spear

Nothing bad for you--I had just posted the event text for the current event without any of the pictures or other text.

Personally, I don't see why we couldn't say this AND fix their chief situation.

Anyway! Orlaront's mission to suck up to the Hillhavens was a success, so I have sent him off to establish trade relations with the Varmandi, the clan of crooks and bandits we recently accepted into tribe Garstali.

An argument has broken out within the tribe. Central to the tribal regalia is an ancient and legendary weapon known as the Black Spear. Some clans are claiming that the spear is too useful to be kept only for ceremonies; it should be used by a powerful war clan to hunt and fight. Others say it is too risky to use the spear; if it s damaged, the spirit of the tribe will be wounded, maybe even destroyed.

Argue against the use of the spear.

Argue for the use of the spear.

Conduct a divination.

"It is not time to have this dispute."

"Let the tribal spirit decide."

We have not tended our relations with our tribe-mates as carefully as we should have. They will disregard our advice.

Such a powerful weapon was not meant to sit on the shelf.

The spear is first and foremost a ceremonial implement. If we treat it carelessly, we show that we do not care about the tribe.

Conduct a divination and consult the wyter, the spirit of our tribe. Then do as it says.

Put the spear at the top of a tree, and then hold a contest for the fastest climber to get the spear.