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Part 432: 1363: Blue Spruces Raided by Dragonewts

I wonder what the elves think of us. Do they understand there are conflicting elements in our culture? Do they think we're doing a fisherman style catch and release?

Well, no matter. We'll find out if they start shooting trees into our croplands.

It's out with the old...

...and in with the new. Checking with the ranking by each individual skill confirms it... Farnan is literally better than Ortossi at everything, plus nine years younger.

Enent's expedition west ends in tragedy... I send Mosdorl instead. He's only rated good in combat, but all seven nobles who are better combatants than him are either on the ring, wounded, or sulking because we let the elves go.

Traders tell you that the Dragonewts have raided the Blue Spruces, who are members of the Balmyr tribe. It is worse than the usual raid; the Blue Spruces have lost many lives and much wealth.

Demand tribute.

Do nothing.

Give them wealth.

Tell them another clan sent the Dragonewts after them.

Tell them you sent the Dragonewts after them.

We can afford to help them... assuming we want to.

We will gain their esteem by helping them; if we threaten them, we will gain their hatred.

If we tell them we sent the Dragonewts after them, they will be more afraid and pay us more tribute.

Bad King Urgrain sent trolls against King Voskath. Then Voskath sent elves against King Urgrain.

This is an excellent chance to get two foes at each other's throats.