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Part 433: 1363: Hillhavens Plan to Raid Telmori

Yeah, good. That was enough dry goods to found a small tribe! They're probably better off than they were before the Dragonewts killed all their punk warriors.

Anyway, there was some interest in entering a formal alliance with the Cabbage Ducks, so I sent Korstardos to take care of that.

No? Ok, I guess.

The start of the Dark season is uneventful.

Ordag, thane of the Hillhaven clan, plans a raid against the Telmori wolf-folk, and wants you to contribute a war-party to his effort. "The Telmori are tainted by chaos," Ordag says, "and it is our religious duty to stamp out chaos wherever it appears."

Accept his invitation.

Decline his invitation.

Offer to make peace between the Hillhavens and Telmori.

"We will go with you, but your clan will owe us a favor."

The warriors are spoiling for a fight.

If we could learn to get along with the Telmori, instead of slaughtering them, would that not be a kingly act?

If we could make peace between the Hillhavens and the Telmori, all of the clans in Dragon Pass would see us as leaders.

I know of this Ordag. He is a pious man.

The Telmori are notorious for stealing livestock. They are a threat to our way of life.

The Telmori are but a distraction from our real foe -- zombies!