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Part 117: 1339: Blue Jay "Assassins"

Also, they may have agreed not to raid us, but they plan to make up for that by slipping in during the night and assassinating us.

Nobles from the Blue Jay clan come in their formal finery to tell you that they intend to kill as many of you as they can. "Because we have told you this, it won't be a secret murder, which is a crime. We will kill you legally, which you deserve because you offended us in countless ways. No longer can we allow your insults against us to go unanswered. We will answer them in blood."

Apologize for past wrongs.

Compose a poem portraying them as cruel villains.

Compose a poem portraying them as fools.

Compose a poem praising their honor.

Do nothing, for now.

Give them gifts.

The people are worried, though they need not be. We are stronger than the Blue Jays.

It is easier to compose a hateful poem than an amusing one. Harder still to turn hard hearts soft.

They'll be insulted if we offer less than twenty-five cows.

They are so smug; it will be fun to humiliate them.

Gotta say, the Blue Jays are much sneakier than the Jenestni are.