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by Mystic Mongol

Part 385: 1359: Sacred Time

The negotiations were a success! The Jenestni have been successfully folded into the many, many fans of our clan, and have taken the proper place in Dragon Pass for anyone not fortunate enough to be Garstali--respectful, fearful, and quiet.

Gained, six magic. Lost, thirty four cows. Ah, the economics of a magically active violent criminals!

It's that time again.
What are our general goals for this next year?

There was some asking as to where we are in relation to the endgame. The endgame can trigger once we've performed 7 different heroquests.

So, now we're playing the waiting game.

Also, Heortal is dead. He has served all his life, waiting for his chance to shine. And now he is dead. Now, finally, we can commemorate his efforts and actions, all the little things he did.

Or we can talk about Hofstaring, who was cooler anyway.

In honor of Hofstaring (and I guess Heortal) we're having the third contest: The underwhelming honor award! The rules are as simple as they are poorly defined: Honor an achievement of the Kuchulanni, the Garstalli, or another Orlanthi who has never served on the Kuchulanni clan ring. It's time for the second string players of our drama to have their moment in the sun, and they need to get exactly what they deserve: A half-assed contest that doesn't mention them by name and has no defined judging criteria. Photoshops, fanart, ascii art, stories, filk, interpretive dance, custom crafted Dwarf Fortresses lovingly rendered in Stonesense, or just thirty fireworks fired off in honor of Brangbane, Redtail, Bundalini and his all-skeleton band, or someone even more obscure, it's all good.

But no poems--I think we've dosed up on those for the time being. And if you're writing a song, you damn well better sing it.