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Part 427: Ring Talk

Munin posted:

I'd say do a Heroquest to empower the quester. Specifically to round out the skills of our circle.

What is our circle worst at?

Well that or make sure we build up a succesor for one of our old timers.
Best on ring

Animal: Umathkar, with Very Good.
Bargaining: Korstardos, with Heroic.
Combat: Umathkar, with Heroic.
Custom: Arnbord, with Heroic.
Leadership: Umathkar, with Heroic.
Magic: Jenesta, with Renowned.
Plants: Korstardos, with Very Good.

As for our successor, our second best Bargainer is this dapper fellow.

E: It occurs to me I should post some ages, so you know who will need replacing soon.

Umathkar is 42.
Arnbord is 65.
Jenesta is 41.
Korstardos is 69.
Ortossi is 29.
Terasarin is 31.
Garstal is 73. (!!)