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Part 390: 1360: More Clan Disputing

OK, due to the unplanned reboot, there are a few changes.

First, we got this blessing instead. It does... something. Maybe I'll remember to look it up once we're done with the events.

Second, the chief accepted our offer. We now have Orlanth's Rattle, totally legitimately! It's not save scumming if you don't do it on purpose.

Clearly the Horse Spawn are not impressed by my practical ethics.

Fortunately I learned from the last time we had Terasarin in battle. Instead of having him lead like a follower of Orlanth, I had him emulate Elmal like a good little Elmali and take care of business himself.

The results were satisfactory.

Then, instead of the fairy event, we got another legal case.

Two clans of your tribe bring a dispute before the queen for adjudication, in hopes of avoiding an expensive case before a full tribal moot. Priests from the Bayberry clan accuse the Badger clan of using trickster magic against them. They say that Malia, the disease goddess, visited a plague upon the Badgers, and that Badger Eurmalis then enacted a ritual to pass the plague onto the blameless Bayberry people. They want fifty cows in compensation, and also want to see the trickster beaten by their chief.

Closely question the priests and tricksters.

Conduct a divination.

Find in favor of the Badger tricksters.

Find in favor of the Bayberry priests.

Penalize both parties.

Tell them totake the matter to a full moot.

I love hearing one side, then the other, then hearing what the gods have to say.

Allow me to cross-examine each party in the dispute. I can ferret out the truth of the matter.

The Badgers are more discontented with the tribe than the Bayberries; we must recapture their favor by siding with them.

If we rule in favor of the tricksters, they will give us strong magic.

Do not trust those mingy priests.