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Part 147: 1340: Blackrock Surrender

Even with disaster hanging over us, our clan is in a particularly good mood. Even the ever-dour farmers are feeling good about our recent military coups.

We do have an awful lot of sick, so I sacrifice to Chalana Arroy again. This time she rewards us with Curing, the ritual that can be maintained with a temple to reduce the overall number of sick or cast through a miracle to cure them in one go.

Looks like the turtles are going to be jerks for a while.

This time the rituals went much more smoothly. I guess if you want a queen, you want an Apple.

A temple goes up to Chalana Arroy--I'm tired of all these accursed sick people cluttering up the Tula. It's unattractive.

Also, to puff up our lagging economy, I've decided to go rob the hell out of the Blackrocks, for the crime of being tremendous nerds.

Ortossi leads us to another fine military victory!

And they're surrendering to us ALREADY. They come to us with hat and twenty six cows in hand.

Demand more cows than they are offering.

Demand annual tribute. (How much? 10 to 40)

Take the tribute, raid them again!

"We will raid you whenever we feel like it."

Accept the tribute and vow to leave them alone for a while.