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by Mystic Mongol

Part 148: 1340: Sacred Time

More cows flowing into our cow-coffers! It is a good thing to be in a tribe, for we can call upon our tribe-mates at any time as if we were allied with them.

Unfortunately, I forgot to keep some goods for the end-of-the-year rituals, and we didn't have enough to maintain all of our temples. We've lost the temple to Maran Gor, along with the Earthblood ritual it provided. Our harvest next year won't be as large as this one, and will be smaller yet if we don't get that temple rebuilt quickly.

And the wheel turns again.

The observant among you may notice two new types of magic: Heroism and Destiny. They are both as awesome as they sound. Heroism causes the stats of your nobles to slowly grow over time. There is no way to spend more than one magic on it, ever. Destiny makes your tribal events more succesful, your tribal relations more rich (we might need to patch relations with the Badger, they seem pretty upset with us for some reason---maybe because we ruined their chances of providing the king) and your tribal efforts are generally more successful. You can spend up to one magic on it if you're in a tribe, two if you've provided the king or queen, and a full three after your ruler hits a certain key event.

We need to start exploring the Pass--in part to find strange secrets, and in part to satisfy the Rangdani clan. Also, this year we can do a heroquest, so what exactly are we questing for? Finally, what else are we trying to accomplish this year? If nothing else, there are still neighbors we haven't subjugated yet!