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Part 464: 1367: So Much for Peace

Well, poo. So much for peace.

 A spare save and a little experimentation with the "skip season" button reaveals that, yes, this event will come again and nothing is ruined. 

It looks like we're still a little unready for the political stage, so for this year's Hero Quest, I have sent Umathkar to perform, "Orlanth founds the Storm Tribe," and make our leaders more politically skilled, mostly because I forgot that raising the skills of multiple nobles at once means that the skill raise is so small as to be basically unnoticeable.

Here is Umathkar succeeding at her heroquest, earning a sweet beard and not much else.

Humakt wants us to kick some ass, huh? I think that can be arranged.

Unfortunately, for the Sea season I couldn't really think of anything to do. I suppose I could sacrifice for more miracles I didn't care about, or send out a trading expedition or and exploratory party with men I desperately need in the field... or I can just click the skip season button here, and focus on actually heading toward the game at a pace faster than, "Schlep." I'm sure you all understand.

Alright, the rival's dead! THIS is the last we'll hear about that damn horse.

Orlkarnth, a strong young warrior of the Apples, wishes to marry Eonislara, daughter of the chief. He has come with Ernaldness, the Apple Lawspeaker, to help plead his case.

Approve the marriage.

"He must first prove himself worthy."

Let Eonislara decide.

Refuse the marriage.

"Eonislara's rank requires an additional marriage-gift of at least 20 cows."

We're already allied with the Apples. My daughter's marriage should mark the start of a new alliance.

The marriage of a chieftain's daughter has great political consequences. We'll be seen as eccentrics if we let her decide.

The Apples won't blame us if he can't prove himself worthy in a fair contest.

It is Eonislara who will have to spend her life with this callow fop. Let her decide.