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King of Dragon Pass

by Mystic Mongol

Part 430: 1363: Foreigners

Two unknown people come to you seeking temporary refuge. They seem to be foreigners; they do not know the proper greetings, and speak only the trade language. Their clothes are tattered, and it is hard to say where they come from. "We need food, place to stay. Will fight. Fight bravely for you, especially from horseback. Will stay for ten, fifteen seasons, no more."

Allow a volunteer to sponsor them as guests.

Ask them what kind of people they are.

Have the chief sponsor them as guests.

Offer to initiate them as Orlanthi.

Refuse them.

Send them to another clan.

I would be proud to adopt them.

They are not Orlanthi. It would be very unusual to make them Orlanthi.

If we are to make them guests, we will have to perform a Guest Ceremony. Someone will ahve to sponsor them; that person and his kin must take full responsibility for the guests' actions.

We could send them to the Apples.

Foreigners talk funny, and are easy prey for prants. Let us welcome them!