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Part 429: 1362: Sacred Time

So due to general acclaim, I have sent Orlaront on the Issaries the Conciliator heroquest. Then I took a bunch of screenshots, and then I remembered we've done it all before, twice. So I've deleted the screenshots. In their place, take these before and after clips.

Splendid! Anyway.

We don't know how much longer Korstardos will be with us, so I'm putting him to work while we've got him. More trade routes means more money, forever. Our clan's huge piles of silver rings will be our monument to him.

Wh... why would we curse the Rangdani? They have nothing we want, there's nothing to be jealous of, and if we were angry, we'd simply burn their steads to the ground. And yet they believe our enemies the Black Rocks that we are being conniving wretches?

I should send them a care package of fruit, or something.

The year started uneventfully enough. A tepid prediction, and away we go!

In the thirty seconds of gameplay since it happened, I completely forgot about making nice to the Rangdani, and instead sent Enent to do some exploring to the west. Our map of Dragon Pass nears completion.

Orlgard, a Varmandi noble, appears before you with others of his clan. Speaking for the Varmandi clan ring, Orlgard asks your support in their bid to join your tribe. He bears gifts for you. "Our clan has admired your tribe for some time, since we see that your clans are doing well. We would like to join your tribe and share in your good fortune." Orlgard continues, "For our part, we bring more than a normal share of weaponthanes to defend the tribe. And our fighters are well-known for their fierceness in battle."

Decline the request.

"It is traditional to offer a treasure to a possible sponsor."

Require them to give 5 cows per year to each clan in the tribe.

Require them to give magical support to the tribal ceremonies every year.

Offer to speak for them at the moot.

Fighters are useful, but make sure we ask for something in return if we are to argue for them at the moot.

Our magic is strong, but additional support for tribal rites will always be welcome.

The Varmandi must agree to contribute something to the tribe themselves. Otherwise, the other clans will resent them.

Whatever the rest of you decide.

I bet they've never heard my jokes...