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Part 366: 1357: Sacred Time

I'm glad everyone is so fond of Ortossi's great wisdom...

...he frequently gives words of great wisdom and understanding.

Anyway, the Blue Jays have stepped up, so it's time to whip out our new bird allies and show them what's what!

This is clearly the Praxian's fault. Well, so much for our ten cows a year.

It's no net, but it's not a bad little item for chasing off mounted warriors.

This battle occured immediately after we found the Bull Roarer, so of course I forgot we had it.

But with Brangbane on the job, we didn't really need it.

Then I ordered some of the wilderness cleared, so we'd have more room to farm and raise our herds.

Honestly, I don't know what we're paying the weaponthanes for anymore.

The year started as many do--we get to endure many tribal problems this year. Well, the path to a kingdom was never a smooth one.

I'm happy to report that the Wolves are not angry with us, which probably means we didn't help a different tribe raid them. Hooray!

Finally, our star killer has been sent to expore more of Dragon Pass.

And then an event occured... it turns out the omens wern't kidding when they warned us about legal squabbles.

Strife has broken out within the tribe. A feast you threw in honor of your tribal neighbors, the Wolves, turned into a rowdy brawl when thoughtless words were exchanged. Were it not for the quick intervention of ring members from both clans, worse violence would have resulted. You also hear reports of similar disharmony between other clans of the tribe.

Convince other clans in tribe to give up treasures for tribal regalia.

Explore in search of new items for tribal regalia.

Sacrifice to Orlanth the King.

Scold members of your clan who participated in the fight.

Inspire clans to harmony at a special feast.

Our tribal regalia is too meager to bind the clans together. We must add new a potent items to it.

We are lucky no one is seriously injured. We could be sorting out legal claims for a generation.

We will never have harmony until we have a set of tribal regalia which is truly magical. We must add great pieces of treasure to it.

There is no problem the right words cannot solve.

Another feast!

When Bad King Urgrain lost his tribal regalia, he lost half his clans.