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Part 207: 1346: Satar the Cuckold

Steal the statue it is! The game asks us to select the theft party leader from our list of nobles.

As you can see, Umathkar is now a superior leader to Ortossi. Basically, he's in charge now due to inertia more than anything else.

That went well! Let's do it again.

Select a noble we don't like, tell her to explore our land...

...and she comes back having killed some of our precious weaponthanes.

I wonder if we can swap it for a treasure that increases our barley yield!

We were attacked by horse spawn, and for some reason I forgot to take a screenshot.

It hardly matters. Our cavalry is radically superior to theirs.

One of your carls, Sartar, complains that his wife, Ernaldness, dishonored him. It all started when we went to worship at the Tree Brother temple, and was insulted by Darndrev, one of their carls. He challenged Darndrev to a duel, but Ernaldness did not want him to fight. When the appointed day of the duel arrived, she found where the men were fighting, and knocked Sartar dizzy with a big branch. He could not complete the duel, and has now lost his honor.

Convince Sartar that Ernaldness had his best interests at heart.

Encourage Sartar to duel Darndrev again.

Scold Ernaldness.

Scold Sartar.

"This is not a matter for the ring."

The Tree Brothers are unhappy with us as it is. Let's not worsen matters by spilling Darndrev's blood.

Sartar's complaint to us is not about Darndrev's behavior, but about Ernaldness's. As husband and wife, they are kin, and we should not intervene in a dispute between them.

If Sartar does not duel Darndrev, Darndrev's insults will be considered true.

Neither of them are especially good fighters.

This is funnier than any joke I could make.