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Part 179: The Legends

The legends of our people.

How Things Begin, The Sword Story,The Contests, The Storm Age, The Making of the Storm Tribe, Humakt the Champion, Issaries the Conciliator, Lhankor Mhy finds the Truth, Orlanth and Aroka, Orlanth the Justice Bringer, Chalana Arroy Heals the Scars, The Great Darkness, Elmal Guards the Stead, Uralda's Blessing, and Ernalda Feeds the Tribe.

The Lightbringer's Quest.
The Journey West, The Sea Journey, Luathela, The Underworld, Orlanth and Yelm, The Ritual of the Net, and The Return.

There, the legends of our people. What a pain that was--and they're not even complete. I'll go update the OP with them.