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Part 180: The Making of the Storm Tribe: Part I

Well, it's the second month in earth season, and you all know what that means. Time to heroquest!

The people have gathered our magic to help propel Umathkar into the realm of the gods, with the assistance of 106 worshipers from our tribe.

In this quest, Orlanth founds the Storm Tribe by gathering together all of his kin and allies. What benefit do you seek from this heroquest?

Make the quester a strong leader.

Umathkar enters the realm of the gods, where she begins to feel the restlessness of Orlanth, because the Emperor is strong and denies Orlanth's proper place in the world. Ernalda tells Umathkar that the Emperor's advantage over Orlanth is his tribe; if he is to challenge the Emperor, Umathkar must also make a tribe.

Right, I remember this. First I go talk to Kinkin, the leader of the cats!

Actually, before you can find Yinkin, you have to deal with the terrible doubting wheel, which is rolling--

Yinkin, here I come!

Go find Yinkin.

When I find that cat, I'm going to gut him.

Umathkar is lost in the realm of the Gods. She looks for light, but finds only darkness. She gasps for air, but her lungs breath only dust. She seeks warmth, but there is only cold.

Call on the gods for aid.

Escape by wounding yourself.

Escape through calm thinking.

Give up.

Seek not to escape, but to understand.

Use your passion to escape.

The legends of our people.
How Things Begin, The Sword Story,The Contests, The Storm Age, The Making of the Storm Tribe, Humakt the Champion, Issaries the Conciliator, Lhankor Mhy finds the Truth, Orlanth and Aroka, Orlanth the Justice Bringer, Chalana Arroy Heals the Scars, The Great Darkness, Elmal Guards the Stead, Uralda's Blessing, and Ernalda Feeds the Tribe.

The Lightbringer's Quest.
The Journey West, The Sea Journey, Luathela, The Underworld, Orlanth and Yelm, The Ritual of the Net, and The Return.