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Part 417: 1362: Treasure Finders

Very well, Terasarin joins the ring as our newest leader.

And immediately, over a hundred horse-riding barbarians arrive to steal our horses--and with Umathkar on the bench from injuries suffered earlier in the season, it's Terasarin's time to shine!

The Bullroarer keeps casualties on both sides down, but a decent number of Horse Spawn still fall to Kuchulainni blades, watering our fields with their blood as a sacriment to the mother of earthquakes. Good show!

Still, we'd be better off with the queen kicking about.

Oh, I'd BET you think it's a waste to heal her, huh, leaving you and Jenesta inexplicably in charge.

That's not going to happen.

A husband and wife from another clan come to offer us a treasure they say they found while exploring out in the woods. The treasure is a winking sapphire, which is very valuable. They want goods worth forty cows in exchange for the treasure.

Decline the offer.

Pay them what they ask.

Take the treasure from them.

Threaten them into revealing who they stole the treasure from.

Try to haggle their price down.

We can easilly take them. A chipmunk could easily take them.

We must find out who they stole the treasure from, and return it to them.

It's valuable, but not magical.

The price they ask is fair, but I sense that they wish to quickly dispose of their goods. They will settle for less.

It's stolen, which means we can steal it from them.