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Part 19: 1330: Sacred Time

Like Korstardos says, it's not like we can't afford them.

Storm season started, and I began clicking around to see if I could use a Fetter to refill our magic. Then I clicked on the "End Season" button. Crap!

Well, year one was mostly to demonstrate stuff, and the only things I haven't shown yet are Trading Missions (which we should do soon to turn some of these goods into cows) and Raids, which I wasn't gonna do anyway. I missed some opportunities to explore the tula, which is a downer. Also, I was going to throw a big feast and invite our neighbors for a welcome to the neighborhood get drunk bash! Dammit!

At least we got our god-talker back, and the other clans are apparently doing our dirty work. Good show!

Things are going well. We are at a net negative for cows, but we can fix that with all the goods we have/are getting/will have more of.

That... that is a terrifying omen. I guess we need to stop making friends and start filling coffins. I would suggest consulting Lhankor Mhy to find out just who this dreaded foe IS, and then attacking them the second the Fire season starts. But it might just be other clans will attack us as guided by the gods if we don't stop acting like pansies, in which case it doesn't matter who we raid.

We have eight magic now--more than last year because Ortossi is a follow of Orlanth.

I'm not gonna bother giving the ring's advise for sacred time, because they're all just pulling for funding for their favorite magic. Arnbord wants diplomacy magic, Fedarkos wants plant magic, Garstal is pulling for magic left in reserve to deal with sudden events, Ortossi wants War magic--and no one's asking for anything less than the maximum. Screw them, what do they know? Nuthin'.

Where should we spend our magic? What should we do this year?