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Part 448: 1365: Stealing a Plow

Worry not, good goons! For the flaming spear that went straight through fair Terasarin caused but a flesh wound.

That damn Korstardos sure kicked our asses up and down the battlefield. We didn't suffer many casualties, but they got to our auxiliaries, and... well, bad things happened.

Look at that! That's just painful.

To show I'm not just griping pointlessly about all the kids, look at those goddamn numbers. Over half the tribe is under 15, and thus completely useless at everything. How can our birth rate be so damn high? We don't have many adults!

A quick prayer to Chalana Arroy takes care of the minor injuries Terasarin suffered in the kerfluffle with the Tree Brothers.

Rangoron, a fine young weaponthane of your clan, wishes to marry Ostlana of the Anmangarn clan. Ostlana's mother, Veoslina, has been given permission by her clan to dispose of any marriage suits. She wants Rangoron to steal the magic plow of the Bayberries and give it to the Anmangarni.

Allow Rangoron to try to steal the magic plow.

Ask Ostlana's ring to reconsider the terms of the marriage.

Help Rangoron steal the plow.

Warn the Bayberries that the Anmangarni covet their plow.

"Rangoron, you must not court the daughter of a treacherous person."

I refuse to abuse our ally's trust.

If we refuse Rangoron, we risk dissension in the ranks. If Rangoron steals the plow, we risk a feud with the Bayberries.

Alone, he stands little chance. But if we send a single warrior to help him...

Marriages should end wars, not start them.

If the Bayberries cannot protect their greatest treasure, they do not deserve to keep it.