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Part 287: 1352: Sacred Time

Phy posted:

Dude have you not seen the geek hierarcy it cannot be denied.

I don't mind being geekier than pops. I do mind having no resources, so the only game that can be played is a round of "Are You A Werewolf?" I guess I shouldn't complain--it's not like I paid to get in.

Also, it turns out that the Battlestar Galactica game is pretty great. Everyone who has friends and enjoys getting into arguments should check it out.

Once, just once, I would like to have to deal with an emissary who is not magically aware of all of our actions and possessions.

Piss it, lady. You may be more polite than your compatriots, but we love our iron spike and its nonspecific bonuses. Take a hike!

Here's that ritual we learned from Elmal. It might even be worth building a shrine to gain it permanently.

Anyway, in order to keep Barkman's terrible prediction from coming true, I've sent warriors off to raid the Vanstatch.

I really like Brangbane. He requires no attention, no one has to clean up after him, and he occasionally kills a dozen of our enemies. He's a real credit to the tribe.

We may not have gotten any captives, but at least we fulfilled the terms of the prophecy.

Korstardos arrived to make the trade--he was offered the 'Hate Torch,' which gives certain ring members cunning and ferocity. Maybe Fedarkos will hate the elves even more now.

We took it. Goodbye, magnet! Once again, we embrace the soul of random chance!

Good thing we have a queen.

That is entirely too much magic.

Should we build a temple to Eulmal?


Explore a place.

Raid someone.

Establish trade routes.

Buy treasures.

Party endlessly.

Learn more mysteries.

Construct additional temples.

I'll post the current map of Dragon Pass soonish.