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Part 165: 1341: Hillhaven Hunters

Silence, Korstardos! Your words are like some foul carrion bird, screaming from the windowsill, and I will have none of it!

Hofstaring the Resurrecting has gone the way of all mortal men, along with some noble I don't remember at all.

First, a sacrifice to Vinga, to bring our wayward son back home.

The Jenestni arrived, seeking terms of surrender. I told them their tribute has risen from 10 cows a year to twenty.

Badger? Really, Badger? Goddammit. I really need to send people over there to make friends with them quickly. But for now--

An over-sized sacrifice, to ensure that Vinga will answer our prayers. Bring us back our trickster! It's not like we sent him far afield.

Let me think back to my training--what did the war leader say to do in situations like this?

Now, Brangbane. What do you do if you see a detachment of the accursed horse spawn encircling our army, seeking to flank us and sow discord and confusion into our ranks?

I find an adult!

That's right, kiddo. Now go play.


Robasart, a member of the hillhaven clan, says that he has been tracking a magnificent white stag. He has seen it several times over the course of the last few years, and thinks now that it is in a forested part of your tula. He seeks permission to hunt it.

Agree, but only if he lets your hunters join the paryt.

Give permission.

Hunt the stag yourself.

Refuse permission.

"We might consider this request if given gifts."

Our hunters will want to bring down this beast themselves.

In asking our permission, he shows respect for our law.

The better we treat Robasart, the more his clan will like us.

Odayla is the god of hunting in all fashions: the chase from horseback, the stalk with bow and arrow, the capture of great monsters in pits or with humble traplines and deadfalls.

Where am I? I'm... so cold...