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Part 387: A Dramatic Interlude

Nemo2342 posted:

Send the spirits against the Black Rocks, kind of a pre-emptive strike in case they decide not to trade with us.

For this short vignette, the role of Black Rock trade will be played by Heortarl.

--offering twelve cows over a sixty day period, as well as the agreed upon rates for our pottery. Of course, that quilt I brought is yours to keep regardless of what we decide upon today.

Yes, you certainly make a compelling argument. I am a bit concerned, as the Kuchulainni have been quite violent towards my clanmates in the past.

Due only to misunderstanding, I assure you. Trade will bring us together, proximity will give us understanding, and compassion will lead to prosperity. Trade and talk will heal the world.

Ah, yes, the teachings of Issaries. Very well, then I shall... do you hear that?

Woooo! Evil spirits comin' through! Go, my pretties, and bring me the eyes of every fifth pig!

Is he wearing a prosthetic penis?

I'd hate to think it's his real one.

I think I won't do this.