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Part 392: 1360: Orlkensor Murdered

Hooray, one whole magic! The tricksters sure are big spenders, huh.

Well, that's a pleasant change of pace from endlessly complaining that we're on the verge of starvation while we eat ourselves sick.

Anyway, the Trading miracle we picked up earlier improves the yield of trading missions. If I sent Korstardos out more, it would be great, but occasionally I forget to send him anywhere for a year or two.

I decided that all three blessings of Lhankor Mhy (Clan Lore helps in trials and investigations, Lawspeaker helps in trials and lawsuits, and Literacy improves our interclan relations) were useful, so I ordered the temple expanded. And forgot to take a screenshot of the new temple. Well, I'll fix that later.

The second half of Dark and the first half of Storm I spent bothering Ernalda, learning her secrets. Bless Children and Swine Blessing both increase the number of small, squirming pink things we'll have underfoot, so I will be casting neither of them.

Then... things get pretty grim.

Your carls find the body of one of your warriors face-down in a creek deep within your tula. It is Orlkensor, who you adopted after he was outlawed by the Rangdani. He was savagely beaten, and his skull is crushed. His sword lies by his side, and it is clean of blood.

Declare a time of mourning.

Perform a divination.

Sacrifice to the gods in Orlkensor's memory.

Seek his killer in another clan.

Seek his killer within the clan

When Tragic King Errarth was found beaten to death, everyone suspected kinslaying, though nothing was proven.

The most obvious suspect is the uroxi warrior who Orlkensor refused to duel. The Uroxi's garb marked him as a member of clan Rangdani.

We should speed his spirit to the halls of the dead.

It's the Blue Jays!

Someone here did it.

I can smell the guilt.