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Part 77: 1335: Blue Jay Trespassers

FINE. One set of evil artifacts, humming with evil energy. We shall keep it in the tula, so the evil emanations can infect our children, our cows, and our crops. This is a great idea and nothing could go wrong with it ever.

Oh, wait, you're not supposed to play this game like World of Warcraft! Protip: The implements are horrible, owning them is stupid, and I'm ditching them as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Fire isn't over yet, so I'm attacking the Jenestni again.

What is strongest in life?

Ortossi getting a random event.

Anyway, the moment the Earth season starts I send our freshly healed Korstardos not to have a banquet, but to sell the implements to a neighbor, as they lower the birth rate of children and calves, and lessen our harvest.

Some of your patrolling warriors have surprised a pair of hunters from a neighboring clan, the Blue Jays. The warriors bring the trespassers to the clan hall, so that you may pass judgment on them.

Drive them off.

Initiate legal action.

Kill them.

Offer to sell them hunting rights on your lands.

Treat them as guests.

Is justice so important that we must injure ourselves by ignoring a chance to profit?

They are wrong, but their crime is not so serious.

This incident is a good excuse to raid their clan.

The Bad Emperor was unjust to Orlanth when Orlanth took a few small birds from his garden. Orlanth was thus compelled to kill him.