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Part 380: 1359: Raising the Dead

Well, isn't that pretty! With such stirring, moving poetry, I'm sure the carls will remember the value of human life and cease this meaningless feud.

Orlanth, this is going to be the end of the tribe.

Both Orlaront and Korstardos fail in their expeditions. Orlaront I could care less about, but Korstardos was shipping our many gifts to the Jenestni clan to end the feud, and his failure is kind of annoying.

Also, trolls.

So, first things first: Send Korstardos back to sue for peace again.

Apparently Korol is a chief famous for taking naps. A better man asleep than any man awake!

I've already forgotten who it was who got the fluff book for the Orlanthi--does anyone know what the deal with this expedition was?

Weeping thanes of the Jenestni clan bring their chieftain before you, dead. "You have a temple to Chalana Arroy, and thus your priestesses can on occasion bring the dead back to life. We implore you to do so for our beloved chieftain, laid low by vengeful minotaurs." They offer you fifty cows in exchange for performing this great magic.

Accept their offer.

Ask for higher compensaion.

Perform the ritual in exchange for an end to the feud between you.

Refuse them.

They are our foex, and expect noting from us. We could end our feud through a show of generosity.

They are in no position to bargain. We can get more from them.

Cows are better than intangible favors. Take the cows.

Chalana Arroy went with Orlanth and his companions on the Lightbringers Quest, and helped bring many dead gods back to life.

Our magic is strong now, but if we perform this potent ritual, it will take a while to recover. Even with strong magic, this difficult ritual is not guaranteed to succeed.

They will pay no more than fifty cows.