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Part 321: Elmal Guards the Stead: Part I

The moral of the story: Rich People don't have to worry about insulting other people.

As part of my, "I'm stinking rich," world view, I have sent Korstardos here to buy whatever treasure the Fire Quartz have, without caring about what it does.

The Horse Spawn have gone back to being weak, which is a relief.

Anyway, it turns out the Fire Quartz clan is selling the Iron Plow. Who cares what it does? Korstardos offers one hundred goods for it!

Their new bear chief, Aski, is friendlier than I had expected, so he quickly accepts our deal.

The Iron Plow will boost our crop output as long as we have a worshiper of Barntar on our ring. We do in fact have a worshiper of Barntar available...

...should we promote him to greatness?

Oh, come ON. I have over thirty weaponthanes, most of them on patrol, and none of them can be bothered to show up for the troll raid? Lazy useless bastards.

At least the carls handled themselves well.

Finally, our Elmali is healthy and well, so it's time to perfom the Heroquest, "Elmal guards the Stead." The only question is--what do we hope to gain from our magical adventures?