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Part 308: 1353: Derik Single-Path No More

Talk things out, huh? Alright, let's try it.

You know, the Kuchulainn can be real jerks sometimes.

A figure from your clan's past returns triumphantly. Derik, who left your clan so long ago, when his family was slain by the Sable Riders from Prax, has now gathered a band of nomad warriors. He is now called Derik Furman after all of the hides of his slain enemies he and his followers have taken as trophies. He wants to fight Jaldon Goldentooth, the deadly champion of the Praxians, and he seeks your help in doing so. "It will be a legendary battle," he says, "One that I will win. When I do, if you have helped me, your clan magic will increase."

Give him wealth.

"It is not our fight."

Lend him warriors.

Sacrifice so that the gods may aid him.

"We have suffered already from fighting Jaldon."

Give him a treasure.

We can afford to help a son of our clan.

If we do nothing, we will be shamed. We should send a few warriors.

Jaldon is immortal, but that doesn't mean he can't be killed. He has been killed many times, which is the problem.

If we help Derik, Jaldon will slay him, then come here and finish us off!