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King of Dragon Pass

by Mystic Mongol

Part 47: 1333: Festival!

Bundalini and his All Skeleton Band play at your clan market, and the booming sound of the giant's drum attracts the curious from all of Dragon Pass. A festival atmosphere ensues, and people from many clans come to trade, to talk, to swap gossip, and to forget old slights.

Challenge the members of other clans to tests of skill and strength.

Encourage your people to enjoy the event.

Forge new trade agreements.

Give gifts to other clans.

Seek advantageous marriages.

Our warriors wish to prove their talents.

It is a good time to seek advantageous marriages.

This is a good time to seek trade agreements.

Now is not the time for gifts.

Seek better deals while we trade our grain.

During Tragic King Errath's last days, as poison seeped though his body, music was the only pleasure that could ease his fevered mind.