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Part 204: Earthshaker Battlemounts!

Aww, darn. I guess we have to keep her, more's the pity.

And now I will never have to hear from people bitching about fortifications again. SEE?! Keep insisting we do something that I don't want us to do and eventually I... will...


Your efforts to train the earthshakers as battlemounts have been successful! They're ready to thunder across the landscape, striking fear into your foes and bringing cheer to your allies.

Give them away.

Plan to surprise your enemies with them.

Sacrifice them to the gods.

Trade them away.

Use traders to spread word of these powerful new weapons.

I think the earthshakers will be useful for ten years, give or take.

Give them away, and get peace in return.

Our clan magic will increase if we sacrifice them.

We could get many cows for them.

If you'd let me train them we could have them doing tricks. But no, you kept me well away from them.

WOW there are a lot of opportunities to kill these things for the gods.