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Part 244: Ernalda Feeds the Tribe: Part IV

Aww, man. Maran Gor's priestess looked much cooler than Maran Gor does.

The seed is called Adborl, and it is a burrowing thing that makes a big tunnel into the earth for Umathkar. Umathkar goes into the tunnel, where she finds Ernalda's terrible sister, Maran Gor, the earthquake goddess. She has taken Barntar as her thrall. "Your son, he helps me to break up the earth into pieces, so that I can hurl it at our enemies. You think that this fight with Orlanth's nepher was a terrible thing, but it is merely the barbringer of what is to come. The kinstrife he caused will soon bring about other bad things. Three bad gods will force Orlanth to give him their blessing, and together they will make a god that is worse than all of them put together. I need Barntar to help me fight them."

Look for Esra and Uralda.

Leave the realm of the gods.

"Love is stronger than hate."

Offer her blood in exchange for Barntar.

Offer her earthshakers in exchange for Barntar.

"Without Barntar to plow the lands, there will be no reason to fight."

The legends may be of some small help.