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Part 494: The Marriage Saga: Rivals

As the delegation leaves the Grazer encampment, Umathkar meets the other contestants for the right to marry the Luminous Stallion King. One is Yathanda, queen of the northern Orlanthi kingdom of Tarsh. The other is Arene, queen of the local Colymar tribe.

Assure them of a fair contest.

Attack them.

Give them gifts.

Ignore them; go straight to Gerena Brooslayer's temple.

Offer the gifts to resign from the contest.

Taunt them.

A show of generosit now will make it easier to rule once I am Queen of Dragon Pass.

Dealing with rivals is fraught with opportunities for insult. It is best to ignore them, and let the queen continue on her quest.

It would be folly to attack them, but a well-phrased taunt or two would bring cheer to our warriors' hearts.

The Tarshites respect us; we should speak reassuring words to their queen.

According to the ways of the Horse-spawn, it would be considered clever and honorable to attack these contestants when they least expect it.