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King of Dragon Pass

by Mystic Mongol

Part 272: 1352: Visitors from Tarsh

And we begin the year with a sudden event!

Illator, a noble of Tarsh, comes to visit you. He tells you of his land. Tarsh is a kingdom to the northwest. its people are Orlanthi who, like you, follow the laws of King Heort. They are from another part of the world, though, and may do things veyry differently from you. Once Illator has given you his news, he has an offer. Tarsh's king, Arim, is waging war against the empire to his north, called the Lunar Empire. Illator wants to hire some of your weaponthanes as mercenaries for a several-season military campaign. "There will be much loot," he says. "Many, many cows, you will gain."

Decline his offer.

Send a quarter of your weaponthanes.

Send a token force.

Send half of your weaponthanes.

Send three-quarters of your weaponthanes.

The greater the force we send, the greater the risk we take.

His foe is the empire of the same red moon that gave our priests headaches before the Pharaoh came.

Finally, a chance to prove ourselves in a genuine war!

"It is good to be wise, but not so wise that you acutely feel the misfortunes of the world."