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Part 456: 1366: To Quest or Not to Quest?

An awful lot of you seem eager to get rid of Jenesta, which confuses me. In addition to being an incredible magician, she's got a long and proud history of trying to fenangle her way into being chief through competitive singing, and that's something we can all support.

Anyway, I tried to win the cooking contest using only the skills of our finest chefs.

It turns out that pouring three of the known drinks over a baked potato and calling it a gumbo doesn't impress anyone.

The first half of the storm season is spent trying to fix our child/adult ratio.

Then the Black Rocks show up and try to steal some of our cows while we aren't looking. Our patrols didn't happen to be drunk that day, so we were able to catch them.

Unfortunately, I lost the Bullroarer in the fight, so I'll have to go back to actually fighting Horse Spawn now.

We have a choice to make here.

We can perform a quest to strengthen the Humakti now, because it's time for our annual Hero Quest. And we have that geegaw that makes quests easier, and I spent three magic on questing at the start of the year, and we have seven gods on the ring and an Eurmali as well, so there are a lot of factors working in his favor. The problem is... his stats are really, really poor. He's not really good at anything. His odds will improve slightly if we wait one more year before attempting to perform the heroquest, but that means missing out on one of our annual quests due to sheer paranoia.

Should we perform a strengthening Heroquest now, or wait another year for a small boost to the chances of success?