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Part 454: 1366: Cooking Contest II

Well, it looks like we paid the price for our shenanigans--and no description of their tula bursting into flames, more's the pity.

The new cottars have arrived, which reminds me--I'm aggressively recruiting these guys.

Indeed, I spend the entire dark season trying to get more.

There we go, much better. And the Black Rocks are angry at us? Oh, dear me. How ever will we sleep at night.

The Rangdani have challenged all of the clans of our tribe to a cooking contest. They claim that they make the best food in all of Dragon pass, and wish to prove it.

Offer to judge food cooked by others.

Treat the event as a festival for your people's enjoyment.

Try to win the contest.

Use magic to help win the contest.

The use of our clan magic for a mere cooking contest is frivolous and wasteful.

The undead hate the smell of good food.

What could be holier to Ernalda than the nourishment of the people? It would be an insult to her not to use magic.

I volunteer for an eating contest!