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by FutureFriend, ChorpSaway, Madithen, a_raving_loon

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Original Thread: Say fellas, did somebody mention the Let's Play of Kingdom of Hearts 2?



:toxx:: If I haven't finished the main story of this game by the end of march 2021, i will buy a keyblade and take a video of me swinging it around. the promise has been made

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Kingdom Hearts 2 is an Action JRPG developed and published by Square-Enix and the third game in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Released in Japan at the end of 2005 and the rest of the world in 2006, the game was met with rave reviews, with critics mainly citing its improved combat system and the graphics, pushing the PS2 to its limits. Kingdom Hearts 2 returns to 1's action roots, and chooses to focus solely on it, forsaking the first game's platforming for more arena-like gameplay. Cards are also out. Sorry, pokerheads.

Along the way a Japan-only rerelease was brought out called Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix. This added a whole slew of bonus bosses and rebalanced and added a bunch of abilities. Later on, this version was brought to the west in both the PS3 and PS4 collections.

Hello, I'm FutureFriend and I've already let's played two of these dang games. Just like those two Let's Plays, we're joined by chuckleheads ChorpSaway, Madithen and a_raving_loon. Loon and Madi are both mostly blind to this game, whereas me and Chorps are the lorelovers in this group. This playthrough will be on Kingdom Hearts 2's famous Proud Mode difficulty. I'm also playing on the PS4 rerelease.

I thought you were a gamer, why not the most famous of Kingdom Hearts 2's difficulties: Critical mode?
Critical Mode is a very different beast that I feel has several factors, that while interesting for a challenge run, also gives a poor showcase of how the average playthrough of the game goes. Also, I can't beat it.

You mentioned post-game bonus bosses? Are you going to fight these in the videos?

1. No Spoilers! Please don't post stuff we haven't seen yet in the videos. I'm not gonna be very heavy-handed about this, but I'd still like any posters blind to this game to be able to read the thread in peace.
2. Don't talk about future games! (But past ones are okay) As far as this thread is concerned, its still 2006. Ska is still cool as hell, its the year of Happy Feet and we're still years away from Dick Cheney winning an Oscar. Addendum: As we have broken that cardinal rule in one of our videos, talking about the DS game is fine, just keep it insanely fake, pretend the game is still upcoming with barely any info. I think this thread is funny enough to make it work.

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