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Part 7: Ignatia vs. the Fairy Princess

SynthesisAlpha posted:

Get more elves.

I would if I could (and I will next update).

GetWellGamers posted:

I'm hoping you pull a Nakar and do the next Heroes game. Man is it funny to remember how bad everything was back then.

I've... never actually finished any of the other games in the series. If I can get my hands on a copy of one, though, I'll see what I can do. I'm more likely to do the Might & Magic RPG series first, since I know those games a lot better.

BradleyJamers posted:

I'm disturbed by the lack of fiery death in this update, this must be fixed on the next siege.

Also, you need more sprites, because sprite death is too funny to pass up.

You want fiery death, you say? You want sprite death, you say? You will not be disappointed on either count.

Today's consensus is to go after Princess Aimola. You know what that means, don't you, Ignatia?

"Fiery death?"

Fiery death.

Ignatia vs. the Fairy Princess

It's a bit of a trip back south, but it's not worth using Town Gate or Castle Gate spells on when we haven't even explored the whole continent yet. So we get in a boat.

KING'S BOUNTY! Actually, this is useful, as it pushes my leadership up to the next multiple of 10, which means one more archer, pikeman and elf. (Well, it would mean one more elf if I could be bothered sailing all the way back there right now.)

Remember this town? Remember what spell it sold?

If you said "fiery death," you answered correctly.

"I'd argue that's the correct answer to pretty much everything."

Also, I actually remembered to go back to Castle Maximus and restock on pikemen this time.

"Hey, while I'm here and all, maybe the King will give me a promotion!"

"Fine. I'll go capture Princess Aimola and come back. See if I care. I'm not the one who's a year away from a horrible death and relying entirely on me to save him."

We've got a stronger army than the one that defeated Dread Pirate Rob, and now we have two Fireball spells. Princess Aimola doesn't stand a chance.

Hey, a monster lair that's actually useful to us got replenished! We weren't anywhere near depleting the lair of dwarves yet, but every little bit helps.

Here's Castle Nilslag. We've got the contract, we've got the army, we've got the magic. Time to knock on the door. With a boulder.

"Fufufu! Do you honestly believe that you can stop me?"

"Fufufu? What the hell kind of retarded laugh is that?"

"It's supposed to make me sound refined and elegant."

"... yeah, you just keep on believing that. Unstoppable midget army, charge!"

Ahahahaha. Sprites. Hahahaha. Ha. This is going to be a massacre.

"Remember what happened to Icarus?"

"I'm the sun, bitches."

Our archers decided to be useless again and only killed 9 sprites in round 1. Their incompetence cost us an elf.

Also, the skeletons didn't actually attack anyone this round because the enemy AI was stupid and made them move sideways before moving toward the dwarves. The ogres took out a few of our gnomes, though.

"You know, we've still got one fireball spell left. Also, Princess Aimola has zombies under her command. Now, what do we kill zombies with?"

"As always, the answer is fire."

Our archers and pikemen take out the rest of the zombies, our elves take out most of the skeletons, and our dwarves and gnomes focus on the ogres.

The battle of attrition begins. Ogres are big, and slow, and really not as much of a threat as you'd think. If I were playing for points, I'd probably try and lead them around in circles or teleport them to the far corner of the map while shooting at them, but I don't care that much about losing a few gnomes.

Ogres do have a lot of HP, so it's slow going. Annoyingly, we're losing a pikeman each round to retaliation.

Time for the coup de grace.

"Gorthash no like get stuck with pointy things."

"That's what you get for filling 40% of your army with sprites."

"But they're so pretty."

Our gnomes are our cheapest units, so they get stuck with garrison duty. Now, back to Castle Maximus we go to claim our reward!

"Oh boy oh boy I can't wait."

All of Ignatia's statistics just shot up. Her spell power has more than doubled (yes, this does mean her fireballs will do more than twice as much damage), and her spell capacity has improved as well. Her weekly commission has increased by 1000 gold. Her leadership has also increased, allowing her unstoppable midget army to become even larger!

Well, larger in numbers. They're still midgets.

"Awesome. Can I have another promotion?"

"I only just promoted you. You have caught no more villains since your last promotion. What exactly were you expecting?"

Oh, and now that Ignatia's promoted, she can also recruit a new kind of unit at the castle.

"Ooh! Ponies!"

Yes, you're reading that right: not only do Cavalry have a high skill level and as much HP as a dwarf, they have a whopping 4 movement. No other unit except for fliers can match that mobility. Oh, and we can go back and get some more elves and dwarves now that Ignatia's leadership is higher.

Here are Ignatia's new, awesome stats. Her leadership is still lower than it would be if she were any of the other classes, but that won't be a handicap forever.

And here's our current map to the Sceptre. The square we just uncovered only contained grass, which isn't very informative. Still, it's something.

Which villain do we take on next? Hack the Rogue, Baron Johnno Makahl and Caneghor the Mystic are all still free and terrorising Continentia. With the newly-promoted Ignatia leading our army, we could probably defeat Caneghor now.

"I am so going to try out another fireball spell on whoever we fight next."