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Part 4: The Day the Teddy Bears Have Their Picnic

Hello everyone, and welcome back to King's Quest III. We're going to have to break with LP tradition with this update.

What tradition, you may ask? Well, in the first two games, the fourth update had a level puzzle with some good old fashioned Sierra moon logic. This one doesn't. We're still just gonna be wandering around looting the shit out of Llewdor for the most part.

Before we get started, let's take a look at our handy dandy magic map.

>look map

: The magic map's faded ink has brightened, but only in those places where you have been!

So we're on screen B1 it looks like. Llewdor is small enough that you really don't need a map, and very few screens are completely devoid of anything worthwhile.

So here's screen D2, just one south of the tree with all the fallen acorns. It's one of the very few completely empty screens.

Yeah. Say hello to the other random encounter. Llewdor has something of a bandit problem. These two assholes can randomly jump out of scenery at you on most of the wilderness screens. They behave exactly like the dwarf from the first two games.

: After recovering from a whack on the head at the hands of the bandits, Gwydion stands unsteadily. He takes stock of his pockets, discovering that everything he was holding has been stolen!

There is a way to get your stuff back, but it requires a little sequence breaking. We'll get to that momentarily, but first there's another fairy tale to shamelessly recreate...

: What's this? Three clothed bears?
: What a beautiful day for a stroll through the forest.

As my not-so-subtle teaser for this update may have clued you in to, we're about to reenact Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This is the first screen we're visiting today where the RNG can be a fickle bastard. We got lucky here, as the bears were leaving on our first try. If they aren't leaving when you enter the scren, you need to leave and return until they are.

This process can take some time.

>eat porridge (in front of big bowl)

: Gwydion tastes the porridge and decides that this bowl is much too hot.

>sit chair (next to big chair)

: Gwydion feels very small and uncomfortable in this big chair. It is much too hard.

>eat porridge (in front of medium bowl)

: This bowl of porridge is much too cold.

>sit chair (next to plush armchair)

: Gwydion sinks deeply into the overstuffed chair... too deeply! This chair is much too soft.

Now this next part is particularly important...

>get porridge (in front of small bowl)

: This bowl of porridge is just right! So, Gwydion takes it with him.

>sit chair (the tiny chair in front)

: This chair feels just right.

I really wish I knew why people at Sierra thought it was "oh, oh" instead of "uh oh". Anyway, we need to head upstairs.

Well... we gotta.

>lay on bed (next to the biggest bed)

: Gwydion flops onto the biggest (and hardest!) bed. This bed is MUCH too hard!

>lay on bed (next to the super plush bed)

: Gwydion jumps onto the medium-sized bed and sinks deep into its fluffy depths. This bed is MUCH too soft!

>lay on bed (next to the smallest bed)

: Gwydion lies upon the smallest bed, and snuggles down into the pillow. Ahhhh! This bed is just right. Before too long, Gwydion has fallen asleep.

Of course, falling asleep is an incredibly dumb idea, so let's pretend that didn't happen. Instead...

>open drawer (next to the chest of drawers)

: Gwydion opens the drawer, and among the clothes, he sees a pretty silver thimble, which he takes.

Back outside, there's another item to get here, but you somewhat have to know it's here.

>look flowers

: Gwydion carefully peeks into the pretty flowers of the flower garden. Drops of glistening dew have gathered within their soft petals.

>get dew

: Holding the silver thimble beneath a dew-filled flower, Gwydion gently tips the flower so its drew runs into the thimble. He moves from flower to flower, repeating the process until his thimble is brimming with dew.

Are thimbles even watertight? They don't seem like they would be.

Anyway, we're back here now. I mentioned above that there was a way to get our stuff back. It's on this screen, but we technically don't know how to do it yet. There are points associated with learning how to do this very thing, so please excuse me as I sequence break so I can actually complete the game.

We also needed to do this as part of the preparations I wanted to complete before Manannan returned.

>reach in hole

: Gwydion lies down on the ground and reaches into the small hole. He feels around inside the hollow tree and discovers a rope, stretching up into the tree. He pulls it and (to his amazement) a rope ladder falls from the branches above.

Alright, so this is another one of the places where the RNG can troll you super hard.

>look in house

: There seems to be somebody moving around inside the treehouse.

If there's someone moving around inside, we need to leave the screen and try again.

Repeat Two More Times

My test run before the LP, I was trolled by this guy refusing to go to sleep. I seriously tried for a minute and a half straight before catching a lucky break.

: Gwydion has entered the bandits' hideout; one of them is sleeping at a small table.
: Gwydion, I need you to get inside the bandit storage chest and retrieve mission critical equipment.

>look table

: There is a leather coin purse lying on top of a wobbly table. Gwydion carefully lifts it off the table; practically out from under the sleeping bandit's nose!

>open bin
>look in bin
>get all

: Gwydion slowly lifts the lid, and hopes the squeaky hinges do not wake the bandit. This must be where the bandits store all their loot. All of Gwydion's stolen possessions are inside the bin.

: Excellent work. A clean extraction with no alarms.

Whoops. Let's try that again...

>wake bandit

: The bandit opens his eyes and sees Gwydion in his hideout. He jumps up from the chair and gives chase.
: Alarms have been triggered, you need to extract now.

That's a good place to call it for now.

NEXT TIME: We finish our business below and return to the mountain to engage in Jolly Copy Protection.

List of Points

+2 - This porridge is juuuust right
+1 - Stealing a thimble
+1 - Getting dew
+3 - Hidden ladder
+2 - A treefort!
+4 - Stealing from bandits

Total: 67/210

Register of Deaths

Falling from the Tree Fort
Being thrown from the tree fort