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Part 3

Hello everyone and welcome back to King's Quest IV. This is a cute little house, so let's see what's going on with it.


: Rosella knocks loudly on the small door. No answer.

Let's go in. It's unlocked and nobody's home. That's an implicit invitation right?

That's a pretty large pile of dishes scattered all around.


: This is the main room of the Seven Dwarfs' cozy tree house. What a mess it is!

Oh. Well I guess this belongs to the Seven Dwarfs. I guess that means Rosella is Snow White?

Oh geez. Of course seven bachelors living in a small two room cottage would turn the place into a disaster zone. They probably won't mind if we

>clean house

While Rosella is cleaning with astounding speed, some music plays.

King's Quest IV - Cleaning House

I'm impressed at how quickly Rosella cleaned up. Even if she did just wind up sweeping all the dirt into the broom closet.

: From off in the distance, Rosella hears the unmistakable sound of many people approaching the house. She quietly watches as seven dwarves file through the door, one by one. Each one fills a bowl full of soup and takes a seat at the table.

King's Quest IV - Dwarf House

The game v e r y s l o w l y repeats the process with the first six dwarves.

The last dwarf takes an eternity getting his soup.

: This dwarf must be really hungry; he's getting two bowls of soup!

: The Seven Dwarves seem very pleased that Rosella tidied their messy home.

: What is your name, lass?
: Rosella.
: 's a good name. C'mon over and sit down. I got you some soup. Least we can do after you cleaned our house.

This section of the game has a lot of long and annoying animations. Once Rosella sits down, there's a full minute of all eight of them just silently eating soup.

: Before too long, it's time for the little men to return to the mine.
: Goodbye, and thanks for the soup!

Followed by 25 seconds of each Dwarf taking his sweet ass time lumbering out of the house. By the way, the initial "each dwarf arrives and gets soup" extended animation takes around a minute and a half.

It's a cute scene, but it's very time intensive.

: Rosella also finishes her soup. On reflecting, she imagines it might be the best soup she has ever tasted. Or perhaps she was just really hungry.
: Look, I've had a very long, very tiring day. That soup was the first meal I ate since before I got tied to that stake next to the giant dragon.

Now there's no need to do so again, but it's only polite.

>clean table

It looks like one of the dwarves left a pouch behind on the table.

>get pouch

That's a pouch full of diamonds. One of them is going to be looking for this. Let's go return it.

One screen south of the dwarves' house is this little hillside mine. This is where the dwarves work when they're not at home.

King's Quest IV - Dwarf Mine


: Diamonds glitter and sparkle from the earthen walls of the Seven Dwarves' diamond mine. Within it, Rosella sees the little men busily at work.

The dwarf who got us some soup is right over there, so let's go talk to him.

>talk to dwarf

: Hello mister dwarf!
: Rosella! What're you doing here? Don't you know this ain't no place for a fine girl like yourself.
: Rosella goes to answer but stops herself. She shakes her head, but doesn't otherwise respond.
: I think you left this on the dining room table in your house.

>give pouch to dwarf

The positioning is kind of finicky. I tried a few times before the game finally let me return the pouch here.

: The head dwarf frowns and looks at the pouch that the young human girl is offering him. His gruff exterior softens a bit when he sees her trying to return a pouch of priceless diamonds.
: Nah, you can keep it. We got plenty here. We also got an extra lantern we ain't using. Here go ahead and take it.
: The dwarf hands Rosella a lantern.
: Now, skedaddle on out of here!

If I'm being honest, the reason they aren't using this lantern is because it's useless. It doesn't illuminate for shit. We'll see just what I mean in much later in the game. Yes, technically we have everything we need to go through the caves. There's a much better time, in my opinion, to go after the fruit.

Oh boy, a mountain path. Genesta said that Lolotte lived in this direction, so this is probably the path to her lair.

Thankfully we don't have to walk up this incredibly narrow mountain path.

King's Quest IV - Lolotte's Goons

If you click the music link, beware of semi-major spoilers. The only KQ4 soundtrack on youtube was a 27 minute video with every song consecutively. The person who made the video included pictures of the relevant game parts with it.

The above link has 2-3 seconds with a location from extremely late in the game before it changes to the mountain path.

King's Quest IV - Audience with Lolotte

For some reason, this tune is the one that keeps getting stuck in my head.

: Well, my pets. What have you drug home today?
: Lolotte gives Rosella the once-over, and as she does so, her red eyes begin to narrow.
: Are you a foolish girl who wandered here by mistake... or are you a SPY sent here by my enemy, Genesta?!
: I'm just a poor girl who got lost and...
: Lolotte's eyes narrow to slits and she snarls. Rosella begins to tremble in fear.
: You don't look STUPID enough to have wandered HERE by mistake. You're obviously a spy.
: Now hold on...
: SILENCE! Take her to the cell!

Well shit. That could have gone better.

NEXT TIME: We try to escape from prison.

List of Points

+5 - Supped with Dwarves
+2 - Bag of Diamonds
+3 - Honesty has material rewards

Total: 27/230