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King's Quest IV

by DoubleNegative

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Original Thread: Sometimes It Is Wise To Think Backwards - Let's Play the King's Quest Series!



King's Quest III ended on a bit of a cliffhanger. King Graham and Valanice were so happy to have Alexander back after 17 years, and he was just about to pass on the feathered adventurer's cap when the game suddenly ended.

King's Quest IV picks up right where III left off. So we'll be seeing not only who got the cap, but the immediate fallout of that event. If you want a slight spoiler, the game's subtitle is "The Perils of Rosella" and we just ended a game where we were controlling Alexander.

As far as improvements, we're playing the SCI version of King's Quest IV. You may remember the SCI engine being the one I very, very briefly showed off at the start of King's Quest I. While I'm sure there were all manner of technology improvements with the new engine, the big one here is that typing commands actually pauses the game!


Don't be a dick. Unlike the previous game, this one doesn't have a lot in the way of plot. There are some good old fashioned dumbass puzzles, though.

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