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Part 6

Hello and welcome back to King's Quest IV. Today's update is gonna be a nice cool down period after last time's back to back whammies. We've got most of the stuff we need to tame the unicorn, so let's go get the piece we're missing.

The classical architecture pool is our final stop. I mentioned in the first (proper) update that there's a slight element of RNG to this screen.

>look cupid

: Baby Cupid beats his little wings furiously as he flies through the air. In his chubby hands, he carries a golden bow, and two golden arrows.

>look pool

: The beautiful pool is lined with tall marble columns. Its crystal clear water looks very inviting.

Well, we did just climb out of the ocean... but that water... oh to hell with it. Let's go jump in.

>look cupid

: Uh oh! Rosella has startled Cupid! He quickly jumps out of the pool and flies away in fear.

: Cupid! You forgot your bow.
: Cupid only wants to get away from here.

If you fall into the pool, then the only way out is to walk to the far side of the screen. Anyway, as you've probably guessed, Cupid randomly shows up here. We need his bow to tame the unicorn, so let's go get it.

>get bow

Cue wandering around for a few minutes trying to remember where the unicorn was.

>shoot unicorn

: Rosella aims one of Cupid's golden arrows toward the unicorn. She lets go of the bow string. ZING! Bull's-eye! The creature is now no longer afraid of her. It's now her friend.

: Hey there, big fella.
: The unicorn softly whinnies in response.

>pet unicorn

: Rosella gently strokes the velvety, soft nose of the unicorn. It seems as if she has made a friend!

Oh man I feel bad about doing this now.

>put bridle on unicorn

At least using the bridle makes sense here.

: As the beautiful unicorn offers no resistance, Rosella gently places the golden bit into its mouth, and fits the bridle and reins over its majestic head. The unicorn looks at her with curiosity.

>ride unicorn

: Rosella nimbly mounts the magnificent creature, grabs the golden reins, and sets off toward Lolotte's castle.

: The unicorn seems paralyzed with fear at the sight of Lolotte's henchmen.

: So, I hear you were a good girl and brought me the unicorn. I'm ALMOST convinced you might be innocent after all. But...
: Lolotte clears her throat and gives Rosella a smile that sends shivers down her spine.
: Not quite. I am desirous of the hen that lays the golden eggs. Currently, the hen is kept by the ogre and his wife. Bring me the hen, and you shall have your freedom and a great reward! Take her away!

Am I the only one picturing Marius's fate when Lolotte promises us a reward?

Originally, I was going to end the update there. But an update with 12 images and some dialogue would be short, even for this LP series. So let's just continue on.

So in a previous update, I mentioned the waterfall. This is one of two times we're going to come here. The current is so strong at the base of the waterfall that we can't get through. So we need to go back to one of the first items we got in the game.

>wear crown

Yep, if we wear the little froggy crown, we can temporarily turn into a frog. Handy! Anyway, there's two items we need from around here.


: What's this?! Why, it's a cave behind the waterfall! Rosella sees an old board lying by the cave entrance. She picks it up.

The other item we need is just inside this cave here.

This is a tiny preview of what we're going to be dealing with before too long. I know a bunch of you reading this just got very mad. I know. I feel the same way. The rest of you? Just... just you wait.

>look ground

: Rosella sees a pile of bones by the cave entrance.

Let the mysterious growls be another taste of what's to come. This cave is bad news up one side and down the other. We'll be back in a few updates to really get the full experience.

I'm going to call the update there. If I had to estimate, we're around halfway through the game around this point. So I guess.

NEXT TIME: We finish the second of Lolotte's tasks

List of Points

+2 - Robbed Cupid
+4 - Befriended a unicorn
+3 - Enslaved a unicorn
+7 - Delivered a beautiful, innocent creature to pure evil
+5 - The Princess Frog
+2 - Old Board
+2 - These old bones



Register of Deaths

None this time!