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Part 11

Hello everyone and welcome back to King's Quest IV. Let's go return Pandora's Box to Lolotte.

For the last time, let's get dragged off to the castle.

: Lolotte flashes Rosella an evil smile.
: You know, I've never asked your name. What is it?
: I'm... Rosella.
: Rosella. What a pretty name. Well Rosella, you've earned your reward!
: The evil fairy smirks .
: My son, Edgar, has fallen in love with you. I wish him to be happy, and I give you the honor of being his wife and MY daughter-in-law!

I love the dumb heart over Edgar's head.

: You'll be married first thing in the morning. You will sleep in Edgar's room tonight, while he sleeps elsewhere.
: Lolotte motions to her goons.
: Let us relieve you of your burdensome load before you retire.
: Rosella is so shocked by the sudden news that she hardly notices her possessions being taken away.
: Escort our Rosella to her room.

Edgar's room is pretty nice, not gonna lie.

: Well, now what?


: Normally, this is Edgar's tower bedroom. Actually, for being in such an awful castle, it looks quite comfortable; but Rosella is in no mood to care.

We can look around, but the descriptions are all generic. Like the last time we were locked up in the castle, we have to cool our heels for a moment.

>look ground

: Rosella sees a beautiful rose has been pushed under the door. She picks it up and carries it with her.

To pick the rose up, you have to walk over top of it like it's an ammo pickup in DOOM.

: What a beautiful red rose! What's this?! Why, there is a little gold key attached to this rose!

Oh hey, another item with a description! Neat. Also looks like Edgar really likes Rosella. That's pretty cute.

: Rosella removes the little gold key from the red rose.

>unlock door

: Using the little gold key, Rosella quickly unlocks the door.

Fell right off the edge basically first thing after escaping. The controls changing for Reasons will be plaguing us through the remainder of this sequence. I guess I should be thankful this wasn't my test run, where I died I'm pretty sure 6 consecutive times to the staircase on the opposite side of the castle.

>look goon

: The henchman is asleep.

Lolotte's goons are not very good guards. As long as we don't dance in his face, we can sneak past easily. Rosella, unlike Garrett, knows how to step softly on stone tiles.

We need to go in the upper door first. If we walk on the far side of Lolotte's picnic table, the goon will wake up and we'll get a bad ending.

We need to loot this kitchen for some very important items.


: Rosella has discovered the castle's kitchen. Not a very pleasant kitchen, but a kitchen nonetheless. Against the back wall, two cabinets flank a cold stone fireplace. Rosella sees a long table under the one small window.

The right-hand cabinet is the one we need to loot.

>open cabinet

: Rosella finds all of her possessions!

Like I said, it's got some important items.

>get all

We have a lot of random crap. Anyway, now rearmed with our board and golden ball, let's go take care of Lolotte.

: The henchmen have taken her rose, and she no longer has the gold key. It looks like Rosella is destined to be... Mrs. Edgar!

: Fainting isn't going to help, Rosella. There's no getting out of this one. You're stuck being Mrs. Edgar for the rest of your life. Not to mention having old Lolotte for a mother-in-law! Good luck... you're going to need it!

Kind of a downer ending. Also Roberta's smug face pops up after this suggesting next time we be careful. So let's just reload and pretend we didn't step on a goon's toe.

Giving that asshole a wide berth, let's continue on.

More stairs. Joy.

This set of stairs breaks off to the left before continuing up. There's nothing we can do over to the left besides get caught by some goons. So let's continue upward.

UPWARD, I said.

Lolotte's bedroom. I think it's time for some good old fashioned revenge.

>unlock door

: Using which key; the gold key, or the skeleton key?

>unlock door with skeleton key

: The skeleton key does not fit in the lock.

I thought the popular trope with skeleton keys was that they were universal keys? Oh well. Gold key it is, then!

>unlock door with gold key


: So, this is Lolotte's bed chamber. Rosella questions the fairy's taste in decorating as her furniture is a bit on the gaudy side. And speaking of Lolotte... the old bat is sound asleep on her massive bed.

>look lolotte

: The evil fairy sleeps soundly in her bed. She wears Genesta's magic talisman around her neck, and Rosella sees it gleaming upon her chest. As she sleeps, Lolotte makes very strange clicking sounds.

>wake lolotte

Let's give the fairy a piece of our mind.

Ouch. Okay let's not wake her up. Let's just kill the shit out of her instead. We've got a few weapons.

>shoot lolotte with cupid's bow

: Rosella aims the golden arrow toward Lolotte. She lets go of the bow string. ZING! A direct hit! Lolotte sits straight up in bed, a look of agony on her face.
: What did you DO to me? I'm melting... melting! Oh what a world, what a world...
: Ahem. That's the wrong story. Let's try that again.
: It hurts! It hurts! Stop the pain! Stop it!
: Rosella winces as the evil fairy dies a very painful death. She wonders what could have happened. Cupid's arrows are harmless, and only filled with love.
: That must be it! LOVE!
: Lolotte was so evil, that when pure love entered her body, it acted like a poison.
: I don't know how... but I'll get you for this...
: Rosella smirks at the dead fairy and flips her hair dramatically. In spite of how exhausted she feels, Rosella also allows herself to enjoy her victory.

: Edgar bows to Rosella, acknowledging his evil mother's death.
: You may now walk freely about the castle. I...
: Edgar suddenly blushes and runs off.

>get talisman

Alright, that's a good place to cut things now. There's still 15 minutes of gameplay now that we've won, so we'll cover all of that...

NEXT TIME: The End of King's Quest IV

List of Points

+7 - Gave the evil fairy Pandora's Box
+2 - Got gold key
+2 - Escaped Edgar's room
+4 - The return of >get all
+2 - Sneaking into Lolotte's bedroom
+8 - Murdered the shit out of Lolotte
+5 - Got Genesta's Talisman



Register of Deaths

Controls Were Reversed x2
Rosella's Wedding
Pissing off Lolotte