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Part 7

Hello everyone, welcome back to King's Quest IV.

We've danced around the house, we've seen it in the distance, and we've even been ambushed by one of its inhabitants once. But this is it. Like the Three Bears in the previous game, the ogre or his wife will randomly be hanging around outside. The game is nice enough to play a tune for you if they're around, so just leave and re-enter until it's safe.


: Rosella sees a large, thatched-roofe house surrounded by forest; and it looks very formidable. It might be wise to use caution here.

>knock on door

: Rosella cautiously taps at the door.
: With a jerk, the door opens to reveal... oh no!... the ogress!

: Poor Rosella! It looks like you'll join the deer in the stew pot tonight!

Getting caught past this point just gives the same death. So let's get on with it.

>open door

: Watch out! A VERY unfriendly bulldog rushes toward you!

: You weren't fast enough, Rosella! You were nothing but a bite-sized morsel for that big dog!

>throw bone to dog

This scene right here makes me glad I didn't play the AGI version. I'm not sure it's possible to type the above command fast enough. The dog starts running the second you enter the house, and if he's too close when you throw, then it's too late regardless.

: Quickly, Rosella tosses the bone to the big dog who catches it in mid-air. Happy with his surprise gift, he takes it to his favorite rug, lies down, and begins to gnaw at it. He seems to have completely forgotten about the intruder.

So with the dog taken care of, we need to move relatively quickly here. The kitchen is a danger zone, the "ogress" is in there, and she's cooking dinner. So let's go upstairs instead.

We only need a single thing from up here. Everything else is just pretty set dressing.


: Rosella has entered the ogres' upstairs bedroom where a huge bed dominates the place. In the left wall, she notices a closed door. Against the right wall, leans the ogre's axe. Rosella takes it.

The look command brought up the closet, but we can't open it that I'm aware of. I've tried repeatedly to no avail.

Back downstairs, we need to hang out in the closet for a while.

The kitchen, for what it's worth.

: The ogress sees Rosella! She'd like to have YOU for dinner, so you'd better run!

If you get caught, you have a chance to run away. But you have to run several screens before the ogre or his wife gives up. So it's better to take the death and reload.

>open door

Let's hang out for a few minutes and chill.


: Rosella has found herself inside the ogres' small closet. For a closet, it's surprisingly empty. She notices a large keyhole under the doorknob of the closet door.

You would think there'd be something to find in here, but nope. All we need to do is just chill until something happens outside. According to VDub, we're at 44:30.

45:58. The wait wasn't too bad, thankfully. Don't quote me on this, because I've never stuck around to check, but I'm pretty sure you're on a timer once you enter the house. This IS a product of 1980s Sierra, so I wouldn't be surprised.

>look keyhole

: Fe, fi, fo, fum! I smell the blood of a...
: Quiet, you old goat! That's just a deer you smell. You know how you get when you're hungry. Here! Eat!

: Wife! Bring me my hen!

: Lay!
: With excitement, Rosella watches the hen lay a golden egg, which the ogre takes. He yawns, then falls asleep on the table. Soon, his snoring rattles the walls.

>open door

: The ogre is sleeping at the table. You'd better be super quiet, Rosella.

>get hen

I'm surprised Rosella can reach the hen on top of that gargantuan table. Anyway, since we're here...

>wake ogre

: Thanks for the hospitality.
: That was foolish. The vicious ogre grabs Rosella and drags her toward the kitchen. As to what happesn in the kitchen, let's just say she's cordially invited to BE dinner.

You might want to save your game at this point.

>open door

: SQUAWK! SQUAWK! SQUAWK! Uh oh, the hen has woken the ogre!

The ogre will not chase you into the living forest behind his home, but he'll follow you to the other screens around the house.

While we're here, let's show these trees who's the boss.

>wave axe

: The trees tremble at Rosella's might, and are frightened by her axe. They will not bother her further.

We can now use these woods as a shortcut.

This is, I think, the last screen we haven't seen yet. We'll be back here in the next update. We actually want to go back one screen to the left and up, which will put is basically next to the mountain path.

The rocks on the bottom of this screen prevent us from taking a shortcut to the Bokoblin hut. This is solely to enforce the plot sequence. There's a thing in that skull we'll need, and getting it early would throw the plot flags completely out of whack.

I could also be wrong, and you may be able to grab the ogre's axe from the word go. Who knows!

Let's get this over with.

: What a good girl you are! I really ought to give you your reward right now!
: The evil fairy's voice is all milk and honey, gushing with praise.
: She pauses for just long enough to make the moment uncomfortable.
: But, I have just the tiniest bit of doubt left. If you do just ONE MORE thing for me, I'll be COMPLETELY convinced of your innocence and you'll receive a wonderful reward!
: Somehow, Rosella doesn't believe her.
: I want to have Pandora's Box. It is said that whoever owns it would be in possession of the purest evil.
: Lolotte's crimson eyes glow with excitement.
: With the power and evil of Pandora's Box, I would be UNSTOPPABLE!
: Rosella realizes just how deep Lolotte's evil runs, and feels her knees go weak from sheer terror.

I can't think of a way to make that work for the narration. Rosella is a pretty smart girl, so I'd like to think she would know from minute one that Lolotte was bad news, and that she shouldn't have started helping her.

: I don't know the wherabouts of Pandora's Box. You must search for it yourself. Take her away!

We just have to find the origin of all evil. No pressure, right?

NEXT TIME: Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos.

List of Points

+4 - Dog treat
+2 - You want axe?
+4 - The golden goose that's really a chicken
+4 - Threatened the forest and the trees
+7 - Returned the hen



Register of Deaths

Coming to Dinner x2
Making Friends with a Dog
Let Sleeping Ogres Lie