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Part 7: The Rat Puzzle

Hello everyone, and welcome back to King's Quest V. Today is gonna be a fun update, but first we have to sit through a cutscene. So let's get that out of the way quickly...


Click this for video

I like the background detail in this screen and its brother we'll see in a moment.

: Hey! Over here! I've got something for you.

: I never take anything without giving in return. For your generosity in giving me those exquisite emeralds I give you my finest pair of shoes. May they help you in your quest.

This elf is all too happy to take without giving in return. Lying prick.

: Follow that passage over there. It's the way out of the Dark Forest.
: Thank you very much for all your help. And I'm sure I will be able to find a use for these fine shoes.

Seriously. I love the detail in these scenes. Seeing the little underground burrows of whatever creatures live there, and scattered fossils is pretty cool.

We got everything in the dark forest, but if you need to go back in, the passage we just left by will be your way out.

: Ohhhh, I'm glad to see you're okay! I was beginning to worry!
: You were right to not want to venture in that dark forest, Cedric. I thought I'd NEVER get out of there alive!

Well, we now have the keys to solve several long standing puzzles. So let's tick some off our list, eh?

: he lump of beeswax has become soft and sticky from the warmth of Graham's body.
: Even though these are a very fine pair of shoes, Graham finds them too small for his own feet.

south x2

First off, there's a shop we haven't yet visited.

bakeshop door

: Ooooh I'll wait for you here, Graham.
: Good idea, Cedric. Keep the motor running. We might need to make a quick getaway.
: Graham rolls his eyes and walks in the bakeshop.

Sometimes the limited color palette doesn't work out quite as well as they would have hoped. The baker and the woman should have been given different colors to wear. Otherwise you wind up with this situation where it looks like this huge, burly guy has a tiny, petite, dainty waist and a dress.

: And how is your poor dear mother doing, William?
: She hasn't been doing too well lately, but my brother and I keep an eye on her. Thanks for asking, Amanda.

: Austin, don't touch that pie! The pies look delicious. I think I'll take one.
: Yes, they were just made fresh this morning. Here you go.
: Yes, this will be a fine dessert for our dinner tonight. Let's go home, Austin.

You can actually talk to both Amanda and Austin here. They walk slow enough that the game seems to want you to.

: What's your name?
: My name's Austin. I'm here with my mama. We're buying a pie.
: That's nice.

Graham has the best dismissive tone here. With two words he communicates exactly how little he cares about what the pair are doing.

: Good day, madam. That pie looks awfully good.
: Ah, yes. My family will enjoy it, I'm sure.

: Here's the last of the pies.

: Welcome to our bakehouse, traveler! Of course ALL of our wares are wonderful, but today we've got a special on custard pies. Just one silver coin each. But take your time... let me know when you're ready.

: Everything looks so delicious. It's hard to decide what to buy.
: *laughs* Everybody has that problem! But what a problem to have!
: Those custard pies look awfully good.
: Yes. Made from a recipe handed down from our dear Mama... and her Mama before her.
: Hmmmmm. It's still hard to decide, though.
: Well, take your time. There's no hurry.

: The baker's brother is too busy to chat with Graham.


: The cat doesn't appear to like Graham, much less answer him.

There are dozens of interactions in here, and most of them are some variant of "the pies look amazing I bet they're mouth watering don't they look good?" This is also another place where you can fuck up yet again. William said one silver coin each, but he's more than happy to take gold in exchange for a pie, and not give us change. A gold coin, a golden needle, or a golden heart doesn't matter to him.

Let's just buy our pie and get outta here before I start another giant rant about dead man walking scenarios.


: Would you like a pie, sir?
: Well... yes. Actually, I would.
: That'll be one silver coin, then.
: Let me see if I have one...
: Well, let me know if you do.

: Sir, I would purchase one of your custard pies.
: The pies cost one silver coin each.
: I've got it right here. Here you go.
: I hope you enjoy your custard pie.
: Oh, I'm sure I will!

: Mmmmmm. The custard pie looks delicious!

out of shop

Now to save for no reason whatsoever.


On the border of the screen, Graham stops...

: Suddenly, frantic squeakings alert Graham to a mangy cat chasing a terrified rat.

Already pictured: the solution.


We have an incredibly short amount of time to do this. Failing to rescue this rat will result in yet another DMW. This is probably the single most infamous puzzle in King's Quest 5. Like with the first game, ask any random person what they know about this game and you'll get this as an answer.

: Oh, thank you, thank you, good sir! You saved my life! My children and I will never forget your kindness. Maybe someday I will be able to return the favor. Oh! I hear my children calling! Good-bye... until we meet again.

Now with the rat rescued, let's go cash in that favor.

Fast forwarding...

: Struggle as he might, Graham cannot escape his bonds.

The rat chews through the ropes.

: I told you I'd repay your kindness when you saved me from that horrible cat. Good luck, friend.


: Graham stoops down and picks up the sturdy rope from the stone floor.


: A rusty padlock on the door keeps Graham locked in.





: Forget something, did you?

NEXT TIME: We get to redo all of that. Because I saved over my savegame. Like a dingus.

List of Points

+4 - Got boots
+2 - Bought pie
+4 - Saved rat



Register of Deaths

Permanently stuck