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King's Quest V

by DoubleNegative

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Original Thread: Sometimes It Is Wise To Think Backwards - Let's Play the King's Quest Series!

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This game opens up with a wizard appearing out of nowhere to steal Castle Daventry, and Graham is the only member of the royal family not in the castle at the time. Graham was out on a walk, presumably as part of a health regimen for recovering from his near-fatal heart attack in the previous game.

Technology-wise, the game is now back in the VGA era. You remember my King's Quest I LP, with the beautiful backgrounds, the mouse-driven interface, and voice acting? Yeah, we're back in that era now. Also making their triumphant return are puns: gloriously awful puns as the nominal reward for dying. And we'll be dying a lot because King's Quest V is somewhat infamous for being bullshit hard.


If you have to talk about the plot in the game, then use spoiler bars. Otherwise the same "don't be a dick" rule applies.

Table of Contents

#1 - Going to Serenia
#2 - kings_quest_5_town_theme.mid
#3 - Making Up for Lost Time
#4 - Ahh! Life-giving water! Nectar of the gods!
#5 - Plot Dump!
#6 - The Dark Forest
#7 - The Rat Puzzle
#8 - Trading Sequence
#9 - Cedric and the Mountain
#10 - Queen Icebella
#11 - The Yeti Puzzle
#12 - Harpy Island
#13 - The Island of Mordack
#14 - The Maze of Mordack
#15 - Inside Mordack's Castle
#16 - Crispin ex Machina
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