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Part 10: Queen Icebella

Once again, we're free of Cedric for a short time. Let's enjoy it before he inevitably turns up having become king of the wolves or something equally stupid.


Seems simple enough. Let's just carefully navigate this path...

: Uh oh. That last step was a doozy!

Should be pretty obvious what to do now that we know the know the path on the next screen kills us. Just look at that steep slope...


King's Quest V - Mountain Pass and Sleigh Ride

: Drat my sled is broken.

If you're playing this on, I believe, the floppy disk version of the game (the one with all the shitty copy protection) there's an easter egg you can do here. If you use your cloak on the broken sled... well, just look at the video.

King's Quest V - Easter Egg

Let's just continue on.


King's Quest V - Hungry Eagle

: A shivering eagle perches weakly upon a small rock. Despite his own problems, Graham's heart goes out to the poor thing.

: The poor eagle gives Graham a pitiful look. Graham would like to help him... but how?

Fine, fine. We'll do what we're supposed to.

: What's wrong, Mr.... uh, Eagle?
: I'm so weak from hunger. I haven't been able to catch any food for days. I can barely fly anymore.
: I'd love to help you... let me see what I can do.
: Thank you. I need food... *cough cough*

We still only have two food items in our inventory. As good as I assume the custard pie is, I don't think our eagle buddy here would enjoy it. This, by the way, is a puzzle we need to solve now. If we go north from here, we're locked into the end sequence for the mountains. After we finish the puzzles there, we're prevented from returning.

Failing to solve this eagle's problems will fuck us over not too far down the road. So let's just give him the rest of our lamb and be on our way.

: Here, take this. Perhaps it will help you.

: You are a kind man to share your meager food with a poor bird... especially up here, in the snowy mountains.
: Well, I couldn't just stand there and let you starve to death! What kind of person would I be?
: I also have a custard pie for later. So don't worry about me.
: You have shown yourself to be a kind, compassionate man and I will not forget what you did for me. Good-bye, dear friend.

Well, that was our good deed for the minute. The only exit is to the north and like I mentioned above, it's a point of no return.


King's Quest V - The Ice Queen

: I am Queen Icebella and you have entered MY domain now. I command you to KNEEL before me.

: Since both you and your friend over there...
: I wouldn't...

: Since both you and your friend over there have so thoughtlessly invaded my territory without my permission or knowledge, I have decided you shall both be put to death! Take him away, my pets!

This is not a good puzzle. We've got about 5 seconds to convince this woman otherwise.

: Poor Graham. It's a dog eat dog world out there...

Once the wolves reach Graham, it's game over. So you have that much time to figure out what to do. Do you remember a few updates back when I mentioned a DMW that lasted until the end of the mountains? Yeah, this is it.

Do you remember the item I told you that in connection with?

Like I said, this is not a good puzzle. The only clue we got for this puzzle was a throwaway line from the third update.


: ...Now all I have to cheer me up is my harp. It's quite magical, you know. It plays the sweetest music you've ever heard. Now please! Leave me alone in my sorrow.

A line that I'm sure none of you remember, spoken by a character I similarly doubt any of you remember is a clue for a puzzle much later in the game. King's Quest V is kinda badly designed.

Click Here for Video

: Wait, my pets!

: That was very lovely music. I've never heard anything quite that beautiful before. I think I felt my heart melting just a little bit. Just enough, that is, to allow you a chance for your freedom.
: A vicious yeti has entered the area and taken up residence in my prized crystal cave. So far, I have been unable to extricate him from either the cave OR my territory. If you can rid me of the yeti I will release both you and your owl friend and you two can continue on with your journey unhindered.

: You may rise now. I wish you luck in defeating the yeti. If you succeed you will have my undying gratitude. Go with him, Sir Greywolf. Show him the way to the crystal cave. You may go now. Sir Greywolf will lead the way.

: Yonder's the crystal cave. There you will find the yeti.

This is actually a really good stopping point for now.

NEXT TIME: The single worst puzzle in King's Quest V.

List of Points

+5 - Sledding
+3 - Fed eagle
+6 - Played the harp for Icebella



Register of Deaths

Unstable mountain path
Dog food